1. Official Site: Nine Miles Down 2. Trailer: Click Here

3. Premise/Synopsis: In the remotest reaches of the Australian Outback, a sandstorm batters a deserted drilling station. Three days earlier, radio contract was lost, so security patrolman Jack is enlisted to investigate. The station, originally built for gas exploration then abandoned, had recently been revived by an international scientific research team on a discovery mission, which involved drilling deeper into the earth's crust than had ever been attempted before.

4. Director: Anthony Waller
5. Written By: Everett De Roche
                      Anthony Waller

6. Based on: Original Screenplay

7. Status: Completed

8.  Cast:
Adrian Paul ... Thomas (Jack) Jackman Kate Nauta ... Jennie Christianson

9. Production Companies: A-Mark Entertainment

10. Producers:
Anthony Waller .... producer
Thomas Hedman .... producer

11. Distributor / Expected US Release: Seven Arts Pictures - Est. 2010