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About us

A-Mark Entertainment, founded in June 2004, is considered a “Go To” independent film financing and acquisition company. We do not accept projects for development.

AME’s first picture, “Alpha Dog“, written and directed by Nick Cassavetes, was produced with Sidney Kimmel Enterprises and honored as the closing picture of The 2006 Sundance Film Festival. Universal Pictures released it theatrically in January 2007.

In May 2006, partnering with two time Academy Award Winner, Al Ruddy, AME produced “Camille,” a love story starring Sienna Miller and James Franco, which was completed in November 2008.

In August 2006, AME partnered with Chris Eberts and Arnold Rifkin on “Timber Falls,” a suspense horror movie which was theatrically released in the USA in December 2007. In July 2007, AME co-produced a second film with Rifkin | Eberts titled “Night Train” starring Danny Glover, Steve Zahn and Leelee Sobieski which is currently being distributed in the USA by Entertainment One.

AME in association with Peter Hoffman and Warren Zide (of “American Pie” fame) co-produced “The Pool Boys” (formerly known as “American Summer“) and “Autopsy“. “The Pool Boys” is a comedy starring Tom Arnold and Matthew Lillard that was filmed in New Orleans and is slated for a USA theatrical release in August 2009. “Autopsy” a horror thriller, also shot in Louisiana, was released theatrically in the USA in January 2009. 

In October 2007, AME in association with Melee Entertainment, Bryan Turner, Scott Aronson, Shaun Livingston and Paramount Pictures produced “Next Day Air” an urban comedy which was theatrically released in the USA by Summit Entertainment in May 2009.

In December 2007, AME and Seven Arts joined together to produce the sci-fi thriller “Nine Miles Down” in Hungary and Tunisia and is slated for a USA theatrical release in late 2009.

AME is also involved with The Weinsten Company for the motion picture project based on the best selling book titled “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho and is part of the broadway stage production of “Ray Charles – Live!” being produced by Stuart Benjamin and Howard and Karen Baldwin.

In 2008, AME partnered with 13 year old phenom Josie Andrews who wrote the screenplay and music for “Milo J-High” a coming of age ‘tween story about bullying.